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Wellness Retreats


Wellness in Thai tradition refers to the dual state of good health and happiness, living without disease and being able to enjoy life to the full. Read more on fundamentals of traditional Thai medicine.

Life is complicated enough- that’s why Suuko does everything to make wellness simple, effective and joyful. These wellness packages and programs allow you to achieve and maintain healthy wellbeing easily and blissfully.

Suuko Traditional Thai Wellness offer an authentic experience into traditional Thai practices fully certified by the Ministry of Public Health. All wellness treatments are under medical supervision by a team of certified Thai traditional medical doctors for the optimal results. Read more on traditional Thai treatments

As optimal balance levels differ between individuals, all Suuko Wellness treatments will take the individual’s health history into account and all individuals will receive personal consultation from our certified doctors to help them achieve their wellness objectives

The treatments, performed with a pampering touch are gentle but effective. Exercises and cuisine creation are also tailored to the individual to allow them to best meet their targets.

Suuko Traditional Thai Wellness is both preventive and curative cares, holistic, thoroughly natural and personalized. While wellness objectives may be common, clients – as unique individuals – will receive their own tailored prescription of treatments, exercise and cuisine to help their unique body achieve the wellness goals.


Feeling great already? Let’s keep it that way by the wellness maintenance programs to maintain your optimal health and vitality.


Traditional Muscle Recovery Program
180 minutes / session (3-6 sessions)

Five Elements Thai Detox Program
180 minutes / session (3-6 sessions)

Noble Gold Traditional Wellness for Beauty & Vitality Program
180 minutes / session (3-6 sessions)

Wellness Rejuvenation

The therapy that focuses on restoring, rejuvenating and rebuilding the system.

Yuu Fai - New Mum Restorative Program
240 minutes / session (7-15 sessions)

Thai Traditional Medical Wellness

The effective and entirely natural means and methods to heal the ailments caused by the imbalance of the Prana (life forces) or the accumulation of toxic waste and stress.

  • Treatments for musculoskeletal issues:
    Post-workout muscle aches and pain / Chronic muscle stiffness, cramp or weakness / Chronic back pain/ Muscle pain throughout the body / Frozen shoulder
  • Treatments for skin issues:
    Psoriasis / Eczema and other allergic skin conditions
  • Treatments for digestive issues:
    Irritable bowel syndrome / Indigestion/ Bloating Treatments for women’s health & vitality Period pain / PMS / Menopausal symptoms
  • Treatments for men’s health & vitality