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Cultural Activities

Massage Lesson

For more than a thousand years Thai Massage has been practiced with love and care on family members and friends. Suuko massage lessons are not only about learning the acupressure and reflection points, but also learning a new way to connect with your family, with your child, or with your partner to look after and restore their body and mind. Self-massage lessons are also a wonderful way to practice self-care and bring the spa experience to you home.

The Suuko Spa Academy is fully certified by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education. Our academy provides massage lessons for both professionals and individuals looking to bring the spa experience back home.

Massage Lesson 3 Hours

We also have full day courses 1 day, 3 days and 5 days (6 hours/day). Please drop us a message or email for more information.

Rue Sri Dat Ton

Rue Si Dat Ton “Thai Prana Therapy” is a series of postures which combines stretching movements with meditative breathing while stimulating the same prana acupressure points as Thai massage – it’s like giving yourself a daily Thai massage. This wisdom dates to the reign of King Rama I over 200 years ago.

The postures strengthen and relax the spinal muscle, developing and maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance in the spine. Internal organs are also massaged, and other body muscle aches and pains are relieved. Focused deep breathing also cultivates calm and inner strength.

Thai Cooking Class

Thai cuisine is a wonderful aromatic and harmonious mixture of flavours, colours and textures. Suuko cooking classes will teach you how to create these wonderous flavours straight from herbs and raw ingredients – making curries straight from the chilies!

Other fun and educational activities

Our team can also organize activities tailored to your interest, be it herbal compress making or private yoga classes.