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Thai Wellness


Personalized, Balanced and Holistic

In ancient times, tri-tho-sa balancing body treatments, acupressure massage, heat and herbal remedies formed an essential part of Thai wellness life. Suuko Wellness offer an authentic experience into ancient Thai curative practices. The Suuko Wellness Thai traditional practice is fully certified by the Ministry of Public Health. Wellness in Thai tradition refers to the state of good health and happiness, living without disease and being able to enjoy life to the full.


According to traditional wisdom, wellness stems from the correct balance of all physical and energy elements. Imbalance leads to ailments that can range from minor complaints, symptoms of many chronic ailments, to more serious issues. Thai traditional wellness practice studies this level of balance or imbalance as specific to each individual, seeking to alleviate or eliminate ailments by targeting at the root cause. As optimal balance levels differ between individuals, all Suuko Wellness Programmes will take the individual’s health history into account and all individuals will receive personal consultation from our certified traditional Thai practitioners. All treatments, exercises and cuisine creation are tailored to the individual to allow them to best meet their wellness objectives.


Thai traditional body treatments, healing massage, heat and herbal therapies are safe and efficient in relieving the symptoms of ailments caused by the accumulation of toxic waste and stress which led to chronic, and lingering issues such as: Chronic fatigue syndrome, Office syndrome, Computer vision syndrome, Chronic muscle pain, GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), Migraine, Overweight, Psoriasis, Allergy, Acne, melasma and skin problems, issues on women’s health & vitality, issues on men’s health & vitality.

Some of our Wellness Programmes include:

Fitness Booster:
Restore your vitality to help you stay active
Chronic Fatigue Retreat:
Jump-start your natural energy
Office Syndrome Solution:
Relieve all pains and regain your energized self
Chronic Muscle Pain Relief:
Manage pain at the root cause with natural remedies
Women’s Health & Vitality:
Healing to achieve optimal feminine health and happiness - beauty is a happy bonus
New Mum Restorative Program (Yuu Fai):
Traditional postnatal care for the health and vitality of new mums
Thai Traditional Detox:
A deep detox that is kind to your body while ridding the lingering effects of unhealthy diet, stress and toxic surroundings